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Investing.com seeks to make financial markets data and information accessible and free to everyone, absolutely anywhere, bypassing the traditionally high costs that have prevented this vision from becoming a reality until now.
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Real Time Quotes & Charts

We deliver real-time quotes, charts and data for over 150,000 financial instruments. The greatest coverage available today, for free anywhere.

Calendars & Investment Tools

We offer users unlimited access to cutting-edge financial market tools such as customized portfolios, personal alerts, calendars, calculators, and market forecasts.

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Our international team covers news in 24 languages across 40+ international editions.


With over 2 million monthly posts by our members, we have one of the largest international communities of investors.


Investing.com's Android app has been the highest rated financial markets app on Google Play for five consecutive years. Available on iOS too.

Investing Money

Investing.com's newly launched Personal Finance section offers tutorials, news, predictors and calculators for all personal finance decisions.

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